Hedgehogs 2yrs - 3yrs

More Fun for  Toddlers

If you are looking for a childcare settling that provides a fun filled environment for your toddler, get in touch with ABC Day Nursery in Perth. 

Time For Change!

Our Hedgehog's is an extension of Squirrel's playroom, all about fun and learning. Children are engaged in various activities involving sand, water,  crayons, glue and more. All these activities are carried out under adult supervision.
There are specific areas such as the story corner, home area, art area, construction area and manipulative play.
Beds are provided for rest after lunch time in a peaceful darkened room to prepare the children for an afternoon of fun!  
Healthy snacks both in the morning and afternoon give that extra boost to keep your toddler going!

playschool for children
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At ABC Day Nursery, we ensure your toddler's experiences are plentiful and varied. We provide opportunities to help your toddler explore and inquire, allowing access to outside areas, walks and visits and give space to build, construct and socialise.  We also encourage parents to get involved in some of the activities. We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Here are some more reasons why Hedgehogs is a stimulating and effective playroom:
  • Trained staff
  • Spacious playroom
  • Outdoor play area
  • Fun learning environment
  • Ample opportunities for rest 
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Outdoor play area
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